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Eat Real Food
Eat Real Food is the safe, effective and cheap solution to lose weight and improve our health permanently
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In the last 100 years, we've become fatter and sicker with millions of people developing serious diseases from diabetes to cancer. Health gurus confuse us with complex diets and expensive ingredients; food manufacturers load their products with addictive and destructive ingredients causing our increasing weight and declining health. But help is at hand. Health and consumer advocate David Gillespie shares the simple secret of weight loss and wellbeing: swap processed food for REAL FOOD. Eat Real Food features:
  • An explanation of why diets don't work and a provides a focus on what does
  • Information on how to lose weight permanently, not just in the short-term
  • Evidence-based science explaining the real culprits of ill health and weight gain.
  • Advice on how to read food labels.
  • Easy recipes to replace common processed items and meal plans that show how simple it is to shop, plan and cook Real Food.
  • Tips for lunchboxes, parties, and recipes for food kids actually like.
Eat Real Food is the safe, effective and cheap solution to lose weight and improve our health permanently
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Name : Charmain Trimble
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Review : I've read many books on food fads and diets and this easy to read collection of facts just makes pure sense to me. The masses have been manipulated and fooled for so many years when it comes to consumer health. And the masses will believe anything they are told by media and doctord alike. Thanks David for your time in researching and empowering us with the knowledge to finally take control of what we put into our bodies. Eat Real Food will change your life and question so much more about our structured power houses and governments that seem to control it all. If we were all healthy and without disease a whole mainstream network of money making aristocratic organisation's would collapse. I love this book because it tells the truth. Worth every cent.

Questions (1)
Hello, is it possible to purchase the book in the electronic format? If yes, than how. Thank you!

It is - here's a list of suppliers: - plus of course you can get it on kindle and Apple ibooks

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